Delicious Nigerian Moimoi Recipe


Moimoi made in leaves😋

Finally, I get to bring moimoi recipe on the blog! I first wrote this recipe a few months back but I didn't publish. I think I didn't have the perfect picture at the time, so I saved it.

Recently, someone asked that I share moimoi recipe, so I wrote another one, forgetting I have one all ready and saved in my notebook. I just found out while going through my notes. So, I'll be sharing the latest with you. I've gotten a good picture too😊.

So, follow this recipe to make delicious moimoi that gets everyone asking for more.


Prep: 1 hour

Cook: 40 minutes



3 cups of beans (black-eyed or brown)

4 red scotch bonnet/Ata rodo (you may adjust to your taste. It depends on how hot it is)

3 red bell peppers (tatashe)

3 medium-sized onions

1 cup vegetable oil

1 medium mackerel or sardine

5 hard-boiled eggs

1/2 cup diced liver (optional) I added this to mine

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

Seasoning cubes




Soak beans in water for 5 minutes, drain excess water and rub beans in between palms to remove the skin. Alternatively, you can do this in a blender. Just put some beans in the blender, add a little water and use the pulse button a few times. You'll see the skin come off. Do this until you're done peeling all the beans.


Now pure peeled beans in a large bowl and add water to cover. Remove the skin which will rise to the top of the water using a strainer. Continue this process until beans is clean.


Now add some water again and allow beans soak for an hour. This is just to soften it for easy bleeding.


Season fish with salt, Seasoning and onion powder, boil for some 10 minutes.


Remove fish from broth and take out bones. You can shred into tiny pieces or leave in not-too-big chunks.


Remove shells from eggs and cut each into two. Some people use a whole egg.


Remove stalks from peppers and cut onions. Add these to the peeled beans and blend to a smooth paste.


Make sure not to add too much water while bleeding. The consistency should the thick, not runny.


If using Seasoning cubes, I advise you dissolve in a very little quantity of water before adding to the paste. Just so some of it doesn't settle beneath the bowl.


To the beans paste, add ground crayfish, seasoning, salt and oil.


Also add some fish broth to the paste. But add in bits, not too much to make the paste thin. You don't have to use everything.


Mix thoroughly, use a whisk. Taste for Seasoning and salt, adjust if need be.


Remember you cannot adjust the taste of moimoi once it gets on the stove, so you have to get it right while mixing.


Put some water in a large pot. (about 2 inches deep), keep it at a level where water is not able to get into the bowls or rise to the top of the pouches/leaves even when boiling. We want to cook with steam.


Turn on stove and place pot on it. Bring that to a boil.


Moimoi wrapped in leaves

If using leaves, line the bottom of the pot with leaf stalks.


If using bowls, brush the inside with oil so the moimoi doesn't stick to the sides. Just like you would do for a cake pan.


Get your pouches, leaves or bowls, scoop 1 cup of moimoi paste into it, add egg and fish. Seal and place in the boiling water.


Do this until you're done with all the paste. Cover tightly with a lid or put a sheet of foil paper before the lid so you can trap in steam. This will help cook it faster. Steam on medium heat for 45 minutes. It can take about an hour if you're using bowls but with foil pouches, it cooks faster.


You should check at 20 minutes’ intervals to see if you need to augment the water.


Moimoi is well done when you take out of the pouch or leaves and it comes out nicely moulded, no smear and without raw beans taste.


Moimoi can be enjoyed with pap, garri, bread; it can be paired with rice dishes or eaten on its own. i paired mine with pap that i made with hibiscus tea, popularly called zobo. 

😋😎😎 See picture below.


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