Adalu (Beans And Corn Porridge)

Commonly known as Adalu among the yorubas, beans and corn porridge is a delicious blend of fresh corn and beans. This delicacy is usually enjoyed in the rainy season when fresh sweet corn is in abundance. Cooking adalu is very straight to the point and shouldn't require any tips or tricks. The most important thing is to make sure to start with the corn before adding beans. The rest of the process is usually finished off as in when cooking beans porridge. The proportion of beans to corn totally depends on you. I like to do more beans and less corn. You may choose to do more corn if you wish. Some people even cook only corn as porridge, so you do you.

Also, if you ever feel like eating this dish when sweet fresh corn is not in season, simply replace it with canned sweet corn. This time, you add the corn last since it's already cooked.

Shall we begin?

Prep: 20 minutes

Cook: 1 hour



3 cups honey beans

2 cups sweet fresh corn (shell corn from the cob)

Half cup of palm oil

1 tablespoon ground pepper (Ata gigun)

You may use a blend of pepper. But you'll need to fry it before adding to the porridge.

1 big onion (sliced)

2 tablespoons ground crayfish

Seasoning cube

Salt to taste

I added some ponmo and smoked panla. Feel free to add your choice of protein, but ensure to remove bones.


Set a pot on the stove, on high heat and pour the shelled corn. Add some water to cover the corn and leave to boil for 15 minutes.

If you know how to choose very soft fresh corn for this dish, you won't have to wait. You can simply start with corn and beans at the same time since beans itself takes time to cook.

Wash and add your beans, add sliced onions and leave to cook until both corn and beans are visibly soft. Check and add water at intervals if need be.

Now add pepper, Seasoning, ponmo, smoked fish and salt to taste.

All things being equal, you shouldn't need to mash the beans, honey beans gets really soft and break on its own.

Add palm oil as well. You may need to heat up your palm oil before adding, it depends on the quality. I added mine straight in since it doesn't smell or tastes funny.

Add crayfish and allow to cook for a few more minutes until adalu thickens.

Adalu is ready.

Waste no time to serve this yummy- on it's own or alongside fried plantain.

Please don't let me hear that you didn't cook adalu in this season of plenty fresh corn o.
When you do make yours, please let me know how that goes. I will love to hear from you. Please follow @remremdfoodie on Instagram, let's interact and share delicious ideas!


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