Delicious Efo Riro Recipe

Yummy Efo riro paired with wheat swallow

I shared a snippet of me eating this yummy and super healthy meal that I made spending only about a thousand naira. Then I received a message from some friend saying I was "peppering" them with my food in this corona virus period, and that I knew how difficult things were for people. I usually don't worry myself about explaining things but I thought, let me just clear this friend of mine. I know this meal looks lush, but I didn't even have to spend a fortune to achieve it. First, I'm a food blogger and that means I showcase food, I had no intention to pepper him but inspire anyone who saw it to make theirs. And don't even get me started on how corona virus has affected many people, it's not like I'm left out. So please and please let us thank God for life and food.
I digress
Remember that Sunday it rained cats and dogs all day? And then continued up until Friday? That was the day, that very cold Sunday. I had dried fish (palamu) at home. I had bought it the week before but couldn't decide what to use it for. I also had gizzard, correct locust beans from Ekiti, some beef stock, boiled pepper mix that I had blended roughly in case I needed to make stew. I thought it will be nice to have some efo riro paired with wheat for lunch. So bought smoked panla, pomo, dried prawns and some really fresh amaranth (tete or green), not fertilizer type o. If you know what I'm talking about. That's how the equation got balanced. I got home after I had been briefly drenched in the rain, and set to work. I systematically mixed everything up and the result was absolutely delicious!
I made enough to serve four of us twice. We had it with wheat for lunch and the rest with white rice for dinner. So let's get right into this recipe guys.

Prep: 30 minutes

Cook: 30 minutes


3 tablespoons of locust beans
3 cups of pepper mix (I used scotch bonnet, some tomatoes and onions)
1 cup of palm oil
Beef stock
Smoked fish
Dried fish
Dried prawns
Sliced onions
Amaranth (I used 200 naira worth)
2 cups of ponmo (cut into bite sizes)
1 stock cube (since I have beef stock)
Salt- to taste

Pluck the vegetables from the stem, slice, and wash first with lots of cold water and again with some not-too-hot water and salt. This will help remove germs. Gently scoop vegetable out of the water rather than draining off water from the vegetables, that way, if there is sand, it will settle beneath the water. Set in a strainer to drain off water.

Debone the smoked and dry fish, wash and set aside. Wash ponmo, dried prawns and locust beans as well and set aside.

I like to use some hot water and salt for washing my smoked fish. It helps remove the dirt thoroughly.
In a medium pot, heat up palm oil, add onions and fry till fragrant. Add locust bean and pepper mix.
Add some beef stock if using. Let that boil for some minutes. Now add dry fish, smoked fish, prawns, ponmo and gizzard.
Taste and add seasoning cube and salt to taste.
Now fry this stew till the water content really reduces and it thickens.
Add the vegetables, reduce the heat and cover the pot. Give it some two minutes, open and mix to combine the vegetable and stew. Let it simmer for another 2 minutes, turn off the stove and your yummy efo riro is ready.
You can pair this soup with your choice of swallow, rice, eko/agidi or even boiled yam.
Don't keep this to yourself, share with your friends!

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