Ewa Agoyin Sauce Recipe

Mashed beans, agoyin sauce and boiled yam 

Ewa Ewa agoyin is such a delight especially among Lagosians, the aroma of the sauce is one to die for. I have seen how people would literally scamper to get their plates to the agoyin beans seller the moment she makes a stop anywhere. Even if you were not aware of her presence, the aroma that fills the air when she opens the pot containing that special sauce is all there is to announcing her usually-expected arrival. As a teenager, I had the opportunity of learning how to make this special delicacy from one of its inventors, aunty Bose.

Aunty Bose had migrated from Togo to live with her sister in Nigeria and in no time, she ventured into the business of selling ewa agoyin. She made the sauce in the evenings so I was always around to watch and ask questions. Later, I would join her to cook and even sell sometimes. I've always had a great interest in food and love to experience different delicacies. Making the sauce the night before made her job really easy as she'll only have to cook the beans in the morning. She was always on time for breakfast.
Agoyin Sauce 

The ingredients for agoyin sauce are really basic and can be pulled off by anyone. I also love how the sauce can be used for beans, yam, plantain or even rice. I am yet to hear anyone say he or she doesn't like ewa agoyin sauce.  Ewa agoyin is simply beans cooked until very soft and mashed, but the sauce is what takes the beans to a whole new level. Another good thing about the sauce is that you can make a large batch and store. It doesn't go bad easily because of its very low moisture content (I believe it has none at all). I have stored mine for two weeks in the refrigerator and nothing happened to it. Power was not even regular at the time and it was as good as new every time I used it.

The women who sell agoyin beans are always stingy with their sauce, maybe because it's so special. You literally have to plead with them to add some more, threaten that you will not pay if the sauce is not sufficient or simply watch and hope that you get enough. All these trouble for what? All for one of Lagosians' most enjoyed breakfast. Actually, breakfast and lunch put together when paired with bread. You'll only need water at lunch.

Interestingly, agoyin sauce is so easy to make and involves only a few ingredients. Follow this recipe to get the same sauce you've always enjoyed and thank me later (as they say 😁).

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 40 minutes


Dried chili  and onions 

2 handfuls dried chili

3 bulbs of medium sized Onions

2 cups of palm oil

1 Seasoning cube

Salt to taste

The women who sell this special delicacy often use the seeds of dried chili. Sometimes chili is also added. This is what aunty Bose used. That way, you don't end up with very spicy blend. If using only chili, it is advisable to add a lot of onions to calm the hotness of the pepper. These seeds which fall off chili are sold in the markets by Hausa men who sell dry peppers and spices. I will update this post with the picture of the seeds for clarity.


Blend the dried chili and onions in a high speed blender. This doesn't have to be very smooth but you want to make sure to crush the seeds of the pepper as they can be tough.

Boil the puree until it thickens and there's very minimal water. This will reduce the time spent frying the sauce significantly.

Set a pot on the stove and pour the palm oil. Allow it to heat up, just enough to make your onions sizzle when added. Do not bleach the oil.

Add chopped onions to the hot oil and fry until fragrant.

Add boiled pepper, seasoning and salt. Leave the pot open.

Stir the sauce at intervals, ensuring it doesn't burn. Continue to stir and fry until the pepper darkens and looks granulated.

You will notice the oil settling to the top of the sauce. It is better to turn off the stove at this stage and allow the hot oil complete the job. Else, it burns and tastes bitter. This is because the hot oil continues to fry the sauce even after the stove is off.

Agoyin sauce is ready to be enjoyed with beans, boiled yam, plantains, potatoes or even rice.
Trust me, with this recipe, you're well equipped to make that special sauce and you'll have no business waiting for mama elewa agoyin. Feel free to share this recipe with your friends and let me know when you try this recipe.


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