Ofe Erurushin (Scent Leaves Soup)

Ofe erurushin, also known as scent leaf soup is special to the people of Delta, Nigeria. It is the very first soup my husband thought me to cook. I'm quite adventurous when it comes to food; so when he told me he wanted to cook ofe erurushin, I couldn't wait to try it. Even though the analyst in me thought he may have missed an ingredient or used a fast track method; I watched and waited patiently for the result which surprisingly to me, was delicious! Since learning from dear Collins, I have made this healthy and sumptuous soup effortlessly. I have made it better too.

Many people particularly love that scent leaf is used in this soup because of its many health benefits, and it is so easy to cook and straight to the point. Let's get right into how you can make yours. 

Prep: 20 minutes

Cook: 40 minutes


4 cups fresh scent leaves (basil)
3 Yellow scotch bonnet (yellow scent pepper)
4 chunks fresh catfish or meat of choice
Ground melon (optional)
Dry fish
Palm oil
Orioma seeds
Uda pods
1 bulb of onion
Ground crayfish
Dried shrimps
Stock cubes

Alternatively, you can use pepper soup spice mix if you can't get orioma seeds, it works just fine too. You may add as many ingredients as you want to notch it up. Snails, dry fish, ponmo, shaki are really great options.


Wash and blend all ingredients except the uda pods. You can make it smooth or slightly rough, I don't like mine too smooth.

Pour this blend into a pot, add ground egusi (if you choose to use). This acts as thickener for the soup. Set pot on the stove.

Add half cooking spoon of  palm oil, salt and stock cubes to taste; then stir.

Wash the uda pod, remove seeds and drop pod into the pot of soup.

Now add fish, shrimp, and other ingredients you choose to use; allow to cook for some 30 minutes or till you notice oil settling on the soup. Take out the uda pod now.

Add ground crayfish and let it simmer for 3 minutes.

Voila! Your scent leave soup is ready. You can send this soup on a journey to your tummy in the company of either  eba, pounded yam, starch, fufu, semo or agidi. Are you familiar with is soup? Does it look like something you will try? Share your thoughts, questions and feedback.

Ofe Erurushin (Scent Leaves Soup) Ofe Erurushin (Scent Leaves Soup) Reviewed by Remi on 06:15 Rating: 5


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