Ekuru, a.k.a Ofuloju

My family lived in the north and around people from different parts of Nigeria. We were therefore exposed to foods of different kinds. One of the foods we enjoyed back then is ekuru, also known as  ofuloju. Ekuru is made from beans and served with stew, accompanied by  roasted fish and ponmo. There's a special feeling that comes with seeing and perceiving the aroma of ekuru, I'm still pondering on how to describe it.
 Prep: 1 hour 

Cook: 1 hour


4 cups of beans
Scotch bonnet or dry chilli
Roasted fish of choice
Ponmo/cow hide
Stock cube
Locust beans (optional)
Salt to taste

  • Peel your beans as you would for moi-moi, blend to a smooth paste. Do not add anything, ensure not to add too much water. You need the paste thick, not too thick.

  • Transfer the paste into a large bowl and mix till it becomes fluffy. You can use a mixer to achieve this in a shorter time.

  • Scoop this fluffy paste in leaves or any other container. Cook by steaming for 45 minutes.

  • For the stew, use scotch bonnet or dry chilli. The quality you use depends on the quantity of stew you want.

  • Add enough onions to help calm the hotness from the pepper. Blend roughly and set aside.

  • In a pot, heat up sufficient quantity of palm oil (what is ekuru without palm-oil?). Do not bleach the oil. Add some sliced onions in the oil and fry until fragrant.

  • Pour the pepper mixture, add stock cubes, Locust beans and salt. Allow to cook for some minutes. Add washed roasted fish and ponmo. Fry until you can't notice any water in the stew.
  • now unwrap your ekuru, put in a plate ans sprinkle salt on it lightly. add stew and enjoy.

Ekuru, a.k.a Ofuloju Ekuru, a.k.a Ofuloju Reviewed by Remi on 06:52 Rating: 5


  1. Can I use blender to mix my ekuru

  2. Oh yes you can,absolutely. just run it for 3-5 minutes. you can also use a hans mixer.
    All the best with your cooking.


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