Asun (Smoked Goat Meat)

    Literally, asun means smoked and smoked goat meat is generally referred to as asun. Goat meat itself has a distinct flavour; smoked, all...
Asun (Smoked Goat Meat) Asun (Smoked Goat Meat) Reviewed by Remi on 09:09 Rating: 5

Ayamase (Ofada Stew)

  Popularly referred to as Ofada stew, Ayamase is really popular in Nigeria and such a special at parties. This stew is so easy to prepare a...
Ayamase (Ofada Stew) Ayamase (Ofada Stew) Reviewed by Remi on 17:01 Rating: 5

Delta-Style Banga Soup Recipe

Banga Soup is quite popular in Nigeria. It is an Igbo and Delta/Urhobo favourite. And because it is enjoyed by different tribes, its prepara...
Delta-Style Banga Soup Recipe Delta-Style Banga Soup Recipe Reviewed by Remi on 11:44 Rating: 5
Delicious Nigerian Moimoi Recipe Delicious Nigerian Moimoi Recipe Reviewed by Remi on 07:16 Rating: 5
Homemade Yoghurt with Powdered Milk Homemade Yoghurt with Powdered Milk Reviewed by Remi on 02:03 Rating: 5

Smoky Party Jollof Rice!

Everyone's favourite, that's jollof. I recently saw a TV show where people were asked to choose between jollof and small chops. pl...
Smoky Party Jollof Rice! Smoky Party Jollof Rice! Reviewed by Remi on 15:43 Rating: 5
Adalu (Beans And Corn Porridge) Adalu (Beans And Corn Porridge) Reviewed by Remi on 07:10 Rating: 5

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